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Healthy Storage with Snapware®

The perfect solution for the modern kitchen: Durable. Ingenious. Versatile. Hassle-free. As we work to de-clutter the increasing build-up of items in our life, Snapware® Total Solution containers provide the smart choice to our kitchen storage needs.


The Snapware® brand was built with two basic principles in mind: to simplify and organize our users’ life. Our secure-sealing storage containers are practical innovations that help make your life simpler.

Made from durably safe BPA-free plastic, Snapware® products are resistant to stain, shatter and odour. Not only so, the unique Snapware® technology guarantees a 100% airtight storage system with maximum leak-proof security, so that food is kept fresh and safe for a prolonged period. Your good health is of most importance to us.

The lids stack neatly over one another within limited space to keep your cabinets better organized. Similar-shaped containers also stack easily, regardless of their material to cut down on storage space when not in use

Designed for the most versatile functions, they are safe for use in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher. Customized product series are specifically created for the unique needs of every home.