Harmonizing Hues At Homes!

Balancing colors at homes is essential and an art that can be easily learnt. Simple tricks about knowing what colors to include, what should be combined and the ones to be completely avoided, can be really helpful in creating a balanced color look at homes. Colors play an important role in creating vibes that can be positive and refreshing but can also backfire by spreading aggressive, stressful vibrations.

While one must pick colors they admire; teaming them with right complimentary or contrasting shade is critical. Choosing apt color themes that soothes the primary color and does not pierce the eyes or the set up is important. Balance dark hues with low tones, add a bold contrast to the neutral colors and maintain color disparity with consistency and thoughtful approach. Be creative but attentive about the vibes one wants in a specific room. This can be attained by understanding colors and the impact of each them have on our thoughts and ambience.

It is important to follow some expert counsel when finalizing home colors. Here are few handy tips that can save you from blunders and spare you from wasting resources:

a) Sort out colors according to the space. If the size of the room is big, one can add multiple color themes including some bright shades. But if the size is smaller, opt for sober neutral and light shades with a brush of a single contrasting hue

b) Light is important when choosing room colors. Dark tints tend to absorb colors hence opt them only when the light is vibrant, else handpick lighter colors that reflect even the tiniest of rays

c) Consider your furniture and fixtures before picking up colors. Making a color palette out of rooms is an absolute eye sore. Ensure limited shades revolving around your woody equipments, else be prepped to paint them as well

d) One can be bold with colors as long the home looks inviting and enjoyable. Do not give in to your impulsive fondness for colors; it will only lead to haphazard display of insignia. Follow themes to reveal your classiest décor ideas and colors choices

e) Soft furnishings are equally important when choosing colors. They play a dramatic role in the entire set up. They must match the wall and furniture hues, hence maintain harmony to ensure a subtle and inviting display of tints and hues

One of the most prevailing trends includes placing a complimentary or dissimilar color with neutral shades to create a look bold and a sassy look. Analogous Color Scheme is also in vogue where one can opt for three colors in a row on the color wheel and use them in ratio so that one shade will be a dominant one, second to support it and the third to accent it.

Another way of adorning homes with colors is by using the monochromatic colors that is adopting black, white, and gray as against the brighter shades. This looks gorgeous and captivates everyone’s attention. Triadic Colors that refers to using three colors with equal space between them on the color wheel is also much in fashion. Though extremely alluring, these themes require expert intervention and guidance to bring out the best of hues customized to your set up.

Understanding Colors is the first and the most basic step. Colors are classified into Primary, Secondary and Tertiary based on their mixing and these can be used elaborately by creating its tints, shades and tone.

Keeping in mind the fire and forest look, one can also select the warm hues of Red, Orange and Yellow theme or go in for the cool tints which include Blue, Green Purple. While warm colors elicit closeness and vivacity, cool colors are more soothing and energizing.

Based on the already exiting furniture, upholstery and soft furnishings, one can decide on neutral shades to play a safe bet. These don’t collide together or hamper a serene look, rather add dimension and a flavor of sumptuousness at homes.

The art and act of balancing hues at homes can bring out a stunning transformation inside homes and in the cozy atmosphere as well. Every décor piece, every furnishing and every color elicits utmost blissfulness when coupled together, based on appropriate themes and schemes. It refines the space, adds a serene touch of asceticism and makes the ambience a delightful experience.

Sonam Gupta is Design Head of Tangerine